Its our great pleasure to invite you to the 6th Asian Cognitive Behavior Therapy Conference to be held in Dhaka University-once called the Oxford of the East. Dhaka University has almost 100 years of glorious history in developing diverse knowledge, skilled manpower to serve the society and building the Bangladeshi nation. Clinical Psychology Department of Dhaka University is hosting this prestigious conference along with Bangladesh Clinical Psychology Society(BCPS), Nasirullah Psychotherapy Unit (NPU), Dept. of Clinical Psychology and the Asian CBT Association (ACBTA). “Mental health gap in Asian countries: Scope of CBT”-the conference theme of 2018, would like to accommodate all health and specially the mental health professionals.Reducing mental health gap requires a comprehensive models of assessment and intervention, where CBT does represent intrapsychic pure psychological aspect of the overall biopsychosocial model.
In our true understanding of mental health problems and in the reduction of mental health service gap, we would look for comparative analysis of research cum clinical experience based conceptual, empirical or case-study papers, talks – to explore and expose the unique nature of CBT, psychological model, compared to other psychological models; and also in the context of other components of biopsychosocial dynamics of our umbrella model of health and mental health. Weare cordially inviting you and will appreciate your active contribution and participation, to makethis mega event very successful– by submitting your unique research articles, organizing various thematic seminars/symposiums, round-table discussions or debates,related to the theme of the conference, and beyond.
Dhaka is one of the oldest mega city with lots of historical places and natural beauty around it. We hope that our distinguished guests and participants from all over the world will enjoy the conference and the natural beauty of Bangladesh and its multicultural society. Cox’s Bazar the longest sea beach, Sundarbon-the biggest mangrove of the world could be enjoyed from Dhaka easily. We will offer a number of travel grants for the international contributors. Our sincere and motivated students, colleagues and members of our organizing and reception committee, will express their friendly guidance and support to you all while staying in Dhaka or in any part of Bangladesh, where you would plan to visit, ensuring your safety, security, and entertainment. There are hotel Intercontinental, Pan Pacific Sonargaon and many other hotels around the conference venue ranged from 25-250 USD. There are also special accommodation within the Dhaka University campus for the overseas faculty which are cheaper and luxurious but need to be booked earlier.
We are confident that attending the 6th Asian CBT Conference in Dhaka you all will gather great memorable experiences, will learn new precious knowledge and skills, and also will enjoy Bangladeshi fresh fishes, diverse fruits, vegetables and many other objects, gifts and places of natural beauty.
Please follow the website link and confirm your participation to make this event successful.

Professor M. Mahmudur Rhman,
Ph.D Chair,  Scientific Committee
6th Asian CBT Conference, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Tian Po Oei Ph.D., FAPS,
Professor Emeritus , Australia Founder President of ACBTA
Jung-Hye Kwon, Ph.D.
Professor, South Korea President ACBTA